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A Few Words from Jay

Just Jay

Working as an independent financial advisor can often feel isolating. Working with Asset Marketing Systems is like having a full back office and support staff.

Think about that. Do you have a dedicated Marketing Department, Case Design Team, or a New Business Case Management team? Working with Asset you will. They answer the phone and care about your success. Whether you are newer to the business or a seasoned professional, my 25+ years of experience in the industry can help.

My journey began at my father's agency, where I gained hands-on experience in the health insurance market and quickly learned the importance of cross-selling different products. Over time, I became well-versed in life insurance, annuities, and long-term care planning.

After the agency was sold in 2003, I transitioned to the role of Regional Sales Director at American Community Mutual, where I was responsible for overseeing sales across nine states, focusing on health, life, and annuity products. In 2011, I joined National Western Life, where I took on various roles including wholesaler, manager of the internal sales team, and ultimately, head of training and business development.

What Brings Jay to Asset

Asset drew me in with its compelling pillars of collaboration and shared success among advisors. The emphasis on teamwork and mutual support resonated deeply with my own values and professional ethos.

The idea of working in an environment where advisors come together to celebrate achievements and actively share insights and strategies was incredibly appealing. This culture of collaboration fosters a sense of community and camaraderie, where advisors can leverage each other's strengths and experiences to achieve greater success collectively.

It promotes an environment of continuous learning and growth, where individuals are encouraged to contribute their unique perspectives while also benefiting from the collective wisdom of the team.

Moreover, the emphasis on celebrating each other's successes creates a positive and uplifting atmosphere, where achievements are recognized and applauded, fostering a sense of pride and motivation among team members. This not only enhances morale but also reinforces a sense of belonging and loyalty to the organization.

Asset Marketing Systems' commitment to collaboration and shared success creates a dynamic and supportive environment that I am thrilled to be a part of, where advisors can thrive and excel together.

Icons for Collaboration, Community, Growth, Shared Success]

The Current Retirement Crisis

A study conducted by the National Institute on Retirement Security found that the average working household has no retirement savings. This contributes to the retirement savings gap, which ranges from $6.8 to $14 trillion for working households ages 25-64.

The retirement gap is largely due to the lack of retirement account ownership in America. Over 38 million households of working age do not own any retirement account assets, making up 45% of all working households. On the other end, households that do own retirement accounts have significantly higher income and wealth. In fact, these households often have double the income and up to five times the retirement assets.

In addition to this savings gap, the Social Security fund is expected to deplete by 2034. This will leave many Americans with significantly decreased benefits, requiring them to find another source of income to sustain themselves through their retirement years.

How to Mitigate the Retirement Crisis

I stress comprehensive retirement planning strategies to my advisors to mitigate the impact of current retirement challenges and ensure financial security in their clients' golden years.

Icons for Collaboration, Community, Growth, Shared Success]

First, I emphasize the importance of diversification and asset allocation in building robust retirement portfolios. By spreading investments across various financial vehicles, we can aim to reduce vulnerability to market fluctuations and optimize long-term returns. Moreover, I continuously educate my advisors on the current market to improve financial literacy and planning for their clients.

Icons for Collaboration, Community, Growth, Shared Success]

Secondly, I leverage advanced financial planning tools and software that allows my advisors to conduct detailed retirement income analyses tailored to each of their client's unique circumstances. Through simulations and stress tests, we can identify potential gaps between retirement income needs and available resources, allowing you to proactively adjust savings strategies, retirement age, and investment allocations.

Icons for Collaboration, Community, Growth, Shared Success]

Additionally, I give you the opportunity to incorporate Asset's proprietary products to provide a reliable stream of income and protect your clients against healthcare expenses, thereby bolstering the resilience of retirement plans against unforeseen challenges. By adopting a proactive and personalized approach to comprehensive retirement planning, I empower my advisors to navigate the evolving retirement landscape with confidence, giving their clients peace of mind.

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