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At Asset, Dee Costa blends her passion for advisor success and coaching to formulate her signature hands-on approach.

Dee's Passion & Purpose
for this industry

Many years ago, when I got into this business, my first manager told me, Dee, you don't really get into this business until this business gets into you.

My passion for serving advisors comes from my belief in the good that we do. Helping families prosper is what my team of financial advisors is all about, and not just financially, but spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

I live the Asset Culture of Sharing every day, and work with many top advisors who are generous with sharing everything that makes them successful. I believe we are stronger as a result of this team of true collaborators than we are just standing alone and through our work together, everybody wins.

Dee As A Business Consultant

When coaching advisors, it is crucial for Dee to get to know her team on a deeper level, in terms of where they want to take their practice, who their target market is, and where they currently stand. She then acts in a business partner capacity, to help them understand where they can grow, how they can grow, and together they execute a shared vision and plan.

Dee's coaching style is very conversational and communicative. Most of her advisors have become dear friends of hers as they celebrate their accomplishments, as well as know that she is a shoulder to lean on when needed. Her professional relationships are built on trust and transparency.

Let's take a closer look as to what it's like being an advisor under Dee Costa:


Deep Dive

The initial step is a deep dive into all aspects of your business and where you stand professionally.



Secondly is a complete overview of all Asset-provided resources that we have to offer as your FMO.



Lastly is the initiation of a business plan and the setting of your priorities as a business leader. Weekly communications are scheduled after that to progress on the business plan and to create steps of successful execution.

Why She Does What She Does

My father passed away two weeks before his planned retirement. He went to the hospital for a simple knee operation and never made it home. I was in Nashville at the time and had to scramble to fly home to Salt Lake City, Utah. As I walked through the door, my mother fell into my arms and asked, "Am I going to be okay?" Well, in the face of grief and despair, after 45 years of marriage, with retirement plans set, how could I possibly answer that question?

I made it my mission to do my best to ensure that anyone that worked for over 40 years to reach the dream of retirement, would have an answer to that question- whether married, widowed, single, or divorced. My mother now had one Social Security check instead of two. She found herself in a higher tax bracket as a single filer, and there was no retirement cruise as planned. My mom ended up working until she was 72, as there were no plans in place that assumed my father would die so young. And as most of you know, history has a way of repeating itself.

On December 20, 2021, my husband knocked on my home office door. I was on the phone with a client. He was excited as he told me that he had a wild dream that night. He told me, "You have to hear this dream, it is just blowing my mind!". I politely told him that I would come see him as soon as I got off the phone with my client. I assumed this dream was powerful, as my husband never interrupted me during a workday.

It wasn't five minutes later that I hear a loud thud. It was so loud that I thought the refrigerator had fallen over. I got a strange feeling and asked my client if I could call him back. I left my office calling out to my husband, who was not answering. After looking for him for about 5 minutes, I finally found him lying on the kitchen floor. His eyes were open, and he was making a strange noise. I thought he had slipped and fallen, but as I asked him repeatedly if he needed help getting up, with no response, I immediately dialed 911.

The ambulance came quickly, and they tried, as did the ER doctors, to save my husband's life. Unfortunately, he passed away that morning, five days before Christmas. He died at the exact same age as my father. He was my best friend and partner for 44 years. As I grieve, I am blessed to know that I did not have to worry or ask the same question my mom had asked. I knew that financially; I would be okay.

Dee's Strategy


Dee capitalizes on the fact that no two advisors are alike. She employs unique and thoughtfully constructed strategies. Whether it be helping advisors recruit new staff for their agency or guiding them to become a better leader in their agency- Dee is here to offer individualized and tailored business coaching and support.

If you're familiar with this industry, you know that most financial advisors tend to write their credential initials attached to their name as a title. For Dee, she sees this as solely initials. Although she herself has plenty of licenses and designations, for her it is all about the personal aspect of things. Dee invests her heart and time into helping her advisors, not just her brain and her titles.

Every call that Dee takes is so incredibly different, tailored, and customized by the needs of each advisor. She takes pride in her individualized approach to coaching, which she has been perfecting; thanks to the 20+ years she has spent with Asset. Her advisors are more like her family, and like family, she wants them all to succeed in their own way and based on their own vision and drive. Dee is fully invested in the success of her advisors and the needs of their respective clients to achieve their financial independence.

FEW: Financial Empowerment for WomenFEW: Financial Empowerment for Women

The Future is Female!

60% of women in households are making the financial decisions.

Asset Marketing Systems: Financial Empowerment for Women (FEW) is a program designed to address the very important question many women in transitional life stages have, "Am I going to be OK?". Often women who are recently widowed, divorced, or in the position of the financial decision maker have questions around their finances, and the FEW program is here to arm you with the tools to get in front of this important demographic.

Women constitute a largely untapped market, despite Financial Advisor Magazine stating that two-thirds of the nation's wealth will be controlled by women in 2030. Understanding the needs of women and creating plans specialized to them is more important than ever. We are excited to work together to revolutionize the industry and create a lasting impact for future generations of women in this rewarding industry.

It's our hope you join us and
Few Founder, Dee Costa
to help us make this vision become a reality

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Join the FEW Program

Are You A Fit?

Asset Marketing has a special breed of financial advisors that always puts the client's needs and dreams at the forefront of any financial plan.

Dee capitalizes on the fact that she does not use a cookie cutter approach. Dee knows that every client scenario and every advisor is unique - with that comes her personalized coaching style to ensure you and your clients' needs are met to the fullest.

With over 35+ years in the industry now, Dee has seen it all. The passion that drives her and keeps her locked into the financial industry and at a company like AMS, is the influence of her advisors on their clients. Dee likes to think out of the box, and although AMS is based on a culture of sharing, Dee tends to lean toward the personalization of all that she does for an advisor.

For Dee, there are 3 components that make an advisor a promising fit with her as a business consultant:

  • The advisor must be willing to put in the work to achieve their desired level of success with Dee by their side.
  • Next, the advisor must be coachable.
  • Lastly, the advisor must have confidence in their abilities, a track record of some success, and a yearning to grow.

If this sounds like you or you would simply like to learn more, reach out to Dee today.

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Our Advisors
Love Working With Dee

I always talk to her about where I'm at, the things I'm working on, the goals that I'm working towards, and she gives me candid feedback to make sure that what I'm doing and I'm implementing is going to be the best thing for my practice. Dee Costa is a seasoned veteran in the financial world, and she helps me have confidence that I'm on the right track. She's helped me feel confident, making sure I was doing things the right way. I don't feel like I could do it without her.

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