If You Never Quit,
You Never Fail.

Details matter when building a successful business of any kind,
and I'll ensure your progress is continual and growth is sustainable.

A Few Words From Chris

As an Associate Business Consultant at Asset Marketing Systems, my goal is to ensure everything we do while working together adds value to your practice and moves you one step closer to achieving your production goals.

My passion lies in helping advisors reach their highest potential, building the financial practice they envision, whatever that may look like. From a "solopreneur" who wants to build a simple yet efficient and profitable practice, to the advisor who wants to build an "agency empire" with multiple sub-advisors, I will leverage every tool available to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Taking a comprehensive coaching approach with my advisors affords me the opportunity to ensure nothing is overlooked, when running an independent financial practice, no detail is too small or unimportant. Details matter when building a successful business of any kind and I'll ensure your progress is continual and growth is sustainable. From prospecting strategies, to closing the sale, I'll work with you on every aspect of your practice to ensure you have the tools and skills you need to succeed.

Just Chris

Today's Retirement Challenges

55% of Americans are
behind on their retirement savings.

In 2024, a 65-year-old can anticipate spending $157,000 on healthcare alone.

43% of Americans
fear that they'll
outlive their savings.

The Social Security reserve is expected to be depleted by 2034.

Americans are faced with the reality that they will no longer be able to retire on Social Security alone, requiring them to find another source of income that they won't outlive.

We are currently seeing the Social Security fund deplete at a rate that will minimize Americans' benefits in the next decade. With minimal benefits, we all will need additional income just to cover our day-to-day expenses during retirement.

However, the average American is unaware of the financial vehicles and strategies available to them, that not only allow them to retire securely but too also live the retirement of their dreams. We are currently seeing the Social Security fund deplete at a rate that will minimize Americans' benefits in the next decade.

Are you prepared to provide them with a tailored retirement plan that maximizes their Social Security, protects them against market fluctuations, and secures lifetime income?

(https://www.retireguide.com/retirement-planning/statistics/) (https://www.fool.com/retirement/2023/07/03/43-of-americans-worry-theyll-outlive-their-savings/)

Hello, Problems…
Meet Your Solutions!

Chris Wood brings a unique blend of life experience, education, and dedication to the financial services arena. With over a decade spent as a police officer in Dallas, Texas, Chris transitioned to the world of finance over five years ago.

In that time, Chris got to work gaining industry knowledge by obtaining his life insurance license, Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS) designation, and his Series 65 securities license. Continuing his passion for learning and to better serve his advisors, Chris is actively pursuing his RICP designation, while also building his own investment advisory practice.

Chris approaches his role as an Associate Business Consultant, as a problem solver with a servant's heart. Chris is committed to helping advisors reach their fullest potential, seeking the most cost-effective and efficient business practices available in the marketplace. Leveraging his relationships with financial advisors across the country affords Chris the ability to provide top notch consulting, helping advisors achieve their goals and grow their practice into one they envision and deserve. Chris is “old-fashioned” in the sense he believes there are no shortcuts to success, the hard work must be done to achieve the results you desire: No excuses.

Leveraging the power of the “Culture of Sharing” advisors who work with Asset Marketing Systems embrace, affords Chris the opportunity to accelerate the success of the advisors he consults. Utilizing mastermind meetings and collaboration via social media, working with Chris also means learning from your colleagues. Focusing on your mindset, skillset, and habits are the three most important aspects of taking your practice from where it is today, to where you want it to be.

My Comprehensive Solutions

No retirement plan is the same. You must take a tailored approach based on each client's financial journey and goals.

I aim to provide my advisors with the confidence, knowledge, and strategies required to develop effective financial plans. With a holistic outlook, you can ensure all your clients' needs are met and exceeded. Together, we can work to make their retirement dreams a reality.

  • Asset Protection Against Market Volatility
  • Financial Vehicles that Offer Steady Growth
  • Financial Vehicles that Offer Steady Growth
  • Minimized taxation
  • Maximized Social Security

I have a wide array of knowledge and experience utilizing social media, podcasting, and digital marketing techniques that will be vital to success as the marketplace continues to evolve and change.

While tried and true methods of marketing like workshops and seminars will remain a mainstay in our industry, I believe it's important to keep an eye on new trends and technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to leverage and improve your financial practice wherever possible. It's my mission to continue to learn and stay on top of the ever-changing technological landscape to best serve you.

As your business consultant, I look forward to being your “go to” person for everything related to your business, while leveraging the entire team at Asset Marketing Systems to ensure the support you receive is second to none. I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and helping you succeed in every way possible. In the end, if you never quit, you'll never fail.”

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During this visit we will discuss your business goals and personal mission. This is an opportunity for both of us to determine if we are a good fit for each other. Do our aspirations, methods, and outlook match? We want to ensure we are on the same page so I can fit into your business planning.


Create A Business Plan to Get You Into Production

If we both feel we're a good fit, we will meet again to start brainstorming our plan of action. Let's determine your strengths and weaknesses so we can better leverage them to propel your business.


Let's Grow Your Business, Together!

Now it's time to rock and roll! As your Business Consultant, it is my duty and privilege to be there for you every step of your business journey. I will be there to help you achieve your goals, maintain your standards, and push you to new levels.

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