We are greater
than any one alone.

Together, we can bring your business to new levels.
You are in this business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Bruce's Passion & Purpose
for this industry

We are greater than any one alone.

This phrase epitomizes the team I am blessed to work with here at Asset Marketing Systems. Many are unsure how to best succeed in each phase of the business cycle. Let me help you with that and much, much more.

Are you in startup, rising star, cash cow, or the harvest phase of your business? Do you know the strategies and tactics for each different phase of the business cycle? My experience and remaining longevity in this industry make me uniquely suited to navigate together with you through these phases for the years and decades to come. Many of my advisors have gone from solo to agency, increased production and profitability significantly, and the future is wide open.

We believe in the power of community and strive to create a culture within this team of advisors via study groups, training classes, and one on one coaching. Plus, we have everything to offer here at AMS, such as sales conferences, sales tools, marketing programs, all built for producers just like you. Are you serious about navigating the next phases of your business and could use a sounding board?

Let's talk. You'll be glad you did.

A Few Words from Bruce

Just Bruce

As a Business Consultant at Asset, my personal mission is to inspire, energize, and help advisors in any and every way that I can.

I have served in the financial services industry since 1996, inspiring success and shaping the businesses of producers nationwide. I believe that personal growth is just as important as business growth. I currently hold a CLU, ChFC, CSA, RICP, and an MBA.

My goal is to aid individuals like yourself to grow their business, attain their goals, and achieve significance within this industry. I am a strong believer of cultivating innovation through collaboration and an active coaching style.

With my years of experience and growing up in the industry, I've seen it all and have worked with advisors in all stages of their careers. The depth of my relationships with my advisors are meant to be symbiotic, meaning we are connected in a professional and personal sense. I take pride that many of my advisors consider me not only their trusted resource but a confidante as well. There is nothing better than answering a call to “Hey, I placed that case we discussed”.

The most important element of creating your marketing mix is identifying how to create qualified prospects on a favorable basis. I'm here to help you solve that puzzle. Discovering your marketing message and persona is a part of the puzzle that you and I will spend much time on.

As a Business Consultant, I am determined to take a holistic approach to business planning and mentoring. Having the right products, programs, and systems are crucial to your success. Execution is the most important, and I have a way of holding you accountable while helping guide you through the process. Without execution, a plan is just that - a plan.

Let's face it, this business can be lonely. Not only will you have my support and expertise, but our team at Asset is here to act as your professional backbone for all things product solutions, case management, and marketing support. There's a deeper meaning and impact to what we are doing here at Asset. Don't go through this business journey alone, let us help you reach your optimal success. I look forward to helping you succeed.

Grow Your Business & Skills
With Bruce In 3 Easy Steps


Schedule Your Fit Appointment

This time is reserved for us to sit down and really get to know one another. From the way you run your business to your personal aspirations. Not only is this time about you fitting into my team, but it's also about how I fit into your business planning. A team that works well together, succeeds together.


Create A Business Plan to Get You Into Production

This is the time to join heads and brainstorm what your action plan will be. I will roll up my sleeves and take the time with you to find out what your strengths are and how to capitalize on them to embed into your business plan.


Let's Grow Your Business, Together!

With me as your Business Consultant, you are never walking this journey alone. Together, we both are constantly working towards your goal, while creating new ones to keep your business ever evolving and modern.

I'm Interested!

The Ultimate Retirement Income Plan

80% of Americans
no retirement income plan.

70% of Americans
no estate plan.

30% of Americans
who do
haven't funded it.

96% of Americans
need OUR help.

Many Americans try to do this type of work on their own or with a partially licensed, narrowly focused professional. Rarely do they get retirement planning advice that is forward thinking, inflation sensitive, tax smart, and comprehensive in nature, while addressing all seven retirement risks. This is where you and I will take a deeper dive together.

As I work with advisors to develop financial plans, my underlying vision is to aid my producers in creating a platform to present a written retirement income plan to every valid prospect. These plans are uniquely crafted and are based on the same basic tenants. The Wealth Pyramid concept is our underlying investment philosophy. The base is created by guaranteed retirement income to address the retirement income budget. The middle tier is focused on safe money and accumulation strategies to provide lifestyle and legacy solutions. The top of the pyramid is reserved for managed money and speculative investments. Additionally, our platform allows for a complete estate plan for every client, to keep the family in control and the assets out of probate.

Ultimate Retirement Income Plan Pyramid

What does the Ultimate Retirement Income Plan look like?

The plan is presented in a comprehensive report that incorporates great flexibility. It is meant to be revisited periodically to address evolving needs of the client and current market realities.

We will work closely to ensure that all the needs of the client are being met to the fullest. Clients who engage in the planning process expect implementation and producers not only gain a higher closing ratio but become highly referable. Planning leads to larger average case sizes, greater client satisfaction, and a more professional approach for our advisors. This approach allows more comprehensive case design and can satisfy fiduciary obligations, which is increasingly important.

  • It creates income for life that cannot be outlived.
  • It is inflation protected.
  • It eliminates or reduces market risk.
  • It protects spouse/heirs from health-related costs.
  • It is not subject to Sequence of Returns risks.
  • It leverages current and future tax realities.
  • It increases income over time.

My Ultimate Mission

There is a crisis in America today and it is my personal mission to solve it for your clients, and their families, for generations to come.

  1. 80% retire without a written retirement income plan
  2. 96% will put their families into probate because only 30% have a trust and 80% of those are unfunded
  3. Government debt and taxes are out of control
  4. Financial literacy is virtually non existent and people are making mistakes that will impact them for the rest of their lives
  5. Inflation is out of control
  6. The cost of getting older (and not healthier) is going to break the wealth and joy of many American families who desperately need your help

My mission is to create an army of financial advisors that have the tools, knowledge, and solutions to make sure that their clients get what is theirs from Social Security, to have income that cannot be outlived, avoid impoverishing themselves from taxation, probate expense, and poor decisions.

We are going to use every tool in the book to educate people and facilitate their retirement and estate planning decisions and keep families, surviving spouses, and loved ones as wealthy and protected as possible. I believe that people deserve answers to their questions, and that many aren't sure what questions to ask. believe that the curse of knowledge means we must do everything in our power to protect people from themselves, confiscatory taxation, and the eradication of their legacy.

More Solutions, More Money
Bonus Programs from Asset


Jumpstart Your Practice With Up To $10,000 in Asset Paid Marketing

Asset strongly believes that activity equals results. In fact, we're so convinced, that we want to pay for your marketing, so you can get a jumpstart using Asset's results-proven marketing programs.

Partner with Asset and pay for your approved marketing at each achieved production level during your first 180 days.

Referral Program

The Incentive Program That Rewards Asset Producers

Asset has developed a strong incentive program for referral business. We know that good producers meet other good producers in the field through business contacts and social events, and we'd like you to introduce them to us!

Refer producing agents to Asset and we'll make it worth your while. Once your referred agent starts placing business, you see the rewards add up.

Our Advisors
Love Working With Bruce

Bruce is like my family. I'm serious about that. Not only has he become integral with my business, but also I, I consider one of my closest friends. I really do. He holds me accountable to the goals that we set, and he makes me achieve them. If you were to go back two years ago, let alone when I first started here about five years ago, if you tell me where I was at then, where I'm at now, I wouldn't believe you.

You Made It This Far…
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